AGAPE – Silk Twill Scarf 70


100% Handmade Silk Twill Scarf 70x70cm with hand-sewn hem.

The perfect gift for a lady!

It can be worn in various interesting ways: around the neck, around the hips, as a top or as a hair or bag accessory.
Combine with dark jeans and white top for a casual look or total white ensemble for a formal occasion.

Ultra Feminine Scarf for lovers…made of 100% pure organic silk

Agape refers to the highest form of love, in Ancient Greek mythology.
A flamboyant scarf portraying a red rose, the symbol of passion and desire.

One of the few deep-colored scarfes of the collection, ensuring that a “Secret Garden” can also hold secrets and passions.

Image inspired by Photographer Tita Bonatsou Collection “Secret Garden” and made in Greece.

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70×70 cm




100% silk twill