KRINIO – Silk Twill Scarf 70


100% Handmade Silk Twill Scarf 70x70cm with hand-sewn hem.

It can be worn in various interesting ways: around the neck (as the air hostesses wore it, in the 60’s), as a hair or bag accessory or tied on the wrist.
A chic combination of purple, green and light blue that can be easily paired with a casual look. Choose a pair of light jeans and a white top or shirt during the day but also with a total black ensemble for the evening. Also pair it with yellow to produce a colorful outfit for a playful and chic effect.

Greek product.


100% Handmade Silk Twill Scarf with hand-sewn hem.

‘Krinio’ comes from Iris. Iris is the Goddess of the Rainbow and the messenger of the Gods, in Ancient Greek Mythology.
When the photographer shot this particular wild orchid said :”I saw Krinio like a divine flower with a halo and i felt as if the God of beauty had smiled at me. What a divine moment this was…

This is the first image and the inspiration for the ‘Blossoms Collection’ silk scarves.

Image inspired by Photographer Tita Bonatsou project “Secret Garden” and made in Greece.

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70×70 cm