Titini 4 – Silk Choker Scarf 5x86cm


100% Handmade Silk Twill Scarf-Necklace 5x86cm with hand-sewn hem.

A Titini is a two-sided printed silk accessory for men & women.

It is a precious Tita Hellas chocker scarf because it is instantly adding an element of coolness to any outfit.

You may wear it as a necklace or a tie, around the risk, even as a head piece.

Combine with dark or light colors too!

Made in Greece.


TITINI 4  Gold Reflections.

A cool and classy, double-side silk print accessory accessory for men & women.

The artist captured and photographed the luminous reflections that shine…on an iron fence, Benaki Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens. They shine like real 24k. Gold…

High Art & Sustainable Fashion is certainly our choice for making our stylish silk accessories.

Our luxurious signature Tita Hellas has hand-crafted this ultra elegant choker in Greece using 100% organic silk.

Image inspired by Photographer’s Tita Bonatsou project “Geometry and Light” 


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Men, Women


5×86 cm