Chryssalis – Silk Twill Scarf 70


100% Handmade Silk Organzine Scarf 70 x 70cm with hand-sewn hem.

It can be worn in various interesting ways: around the neck, around the hips, as a top or as a hair or bag accessory.
Combine it with other pastel or light colors, such as light pink or purple, yellow and green, but also with total white looks. Accessorize with gold jewelry.


Multicolor charming wild flower imprinted on this 100% Handmade Silk Twill Scarf 70 x 70cm with hand-sewn hem.

Chrysallis comes from the Greek word ‘chrysos’ meaning gold, referring to the gold spots on the wings of the butterfly.
It is the stage the caterpillar crosses in order to transform into its final form, the beautiful butterfly.

The very light and fine silk used for this square scarf makes it perfect for Spring and Summer time.

Elegant and vibrant, a scarf with an irresistible soft touch that celebrates the miracles of Nature.

Image inspired by Photographer Tita Bonatsou project “Secret Garden” and made in Greece.

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70×70 cm