– Silk Twill Scarf 70


100% Silk Twill Scarf 70 x 70 cm with hand-sewn hem.
Geometrical pattern & Blue lights on Black & white.

It can be worn in various interesting ways: around the neck, around the shoulders, as a top or as an accessory.

Made in Greece.


Geometrical pattern & Blue lights on Black & white 100% organic silk foulard, Unisex design.

The image printed on the scarf has the face of a girl multiplied in different combinations which creates an intelligent edifice, that it is based on three solid columns made of bright blue light. The blue light symbolizes the knowledge and the wisdom that brings the meaning of life to us…

What else could this bright building be, full of youthful girlish energy besides an Art Box full of light?

Every separate photograph in the image, consists of many photographs. The designer has ordered the photographs in such synthesis,
that a whole new icon is created. A girl inside an art box…

The new icon is dragging the spectator in a game of seduction and wandering …

Image by Photographer Tita Bonatsou, inspired by “ Geometry and Light ” project.
Made in Greece.


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Men, Women


70×70 cm