Window green
– Silk Twill Scarf 90


100% Silk Twill Scarf 90x90cm with hand-sewn hem.

It can be worn in various interesting ways: around the neck, around the shoulders, as a top or as an accessory.

Made in Greece.


Multicolor Unisex silk foulard, for men & Women with geometric pattern.

In this photo, pieces of a bullet-shaped sculpture rise and move against the backdrop of the large windows in a Museum of Modern Art, in the Far East. They create a new art work that exists only in the space-time of imagination and in this all-silk Tita scarf!

Every separate photograph consists of many photographs. Firstly the designer put the images in order, in a specific  synthesis. Secondly a whole new icon-photograph appears, dragging the spectator in a game of seduction…

Image inspired by Photographer Tita Bonatsou project “ Geometry and Light ” 

Made in Greece.

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Men, Women


90×90 cm