Tulips in Green with Border
-Silk Twill Scarf 70


100% Silk Twill Scarf 70×70 cm with hand-sewn hem.

It can be worn by women and men, in various interesting ways: around the neck, around the  shoulders, the hips or as a hair or bag accessory.

Made in Greece

27,5×27,5 inches

A silk elegant unisex accessory with tulips in green and red border is a, made by the best quality silk from Greece.

Tulips, rays of light and a velvety moon, pose together in the same photogram.
Are they narrating a night in the Seine or a secret passion?

Every separate photograph consists of many photographs. The artist has put them together in such synthesis that, as a result, are creating a whole new icon-photograph and so, they are dragging the spectator in Tita’s private world. In conclusion, in this game of seduction, the puzzling images challenge you to think and look for their meaning…Are you ready to play?

High Art & Sustainable Fashion is certainly our choice for making our stylish, geometry design silk shawl.

Image inspired by Photographer’s Tita Bonatsou project “Geometry and Light” 

Greek product.

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Men, Women


70×70 cm